My views on the AEQ method

Learning clinical somatics according to the AEQ method is, in my opinion, learning to live in the truest sense of the word. Again. What we have already learned and know, but at the same time, we have also learned to despise, especially feelings and self-awareness.

Since the fall of 2016, thanks to my friend Janez, who “had to” attend one of the workshops for learning somatic movements according to the AEQ method and invited me along, I’ve been a dedicated student. But not like in the years when sitting quietly behind a school desk and proving hastily and superficially acquired knowledge in the hunt for another good grade was the only thing that mattered. Now, as an eternal student and teacher of the AEQ method level 2 under the careful and consistent critical eye of Aleš, I am learning to learn, feel, and live.

In my life so far, I don’t remember when I felt my soma amazingly as I do now. Through learning, I get to know myself, I rediscover many things while also discovering new things and curiously research. I can enjoy this more and more every day because I allow myself to actually feel my own body more and more often, and I have fewer and fewer problems with honestly expressing my feelings.

Although it is incomprehensible to many people, I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that I brought my body to the point where it rebelled with an unyielding, massive, and fearless ego a few years ago. A clone. Not completely, but enough so that until then, my indispensable sports props and the enviable successes achieved with them no longer shape my happiness and satisfaction (which, as I can only see now, were never sincere at all). To feel sincere pleasure and comfort in my life, for a good mood, genuine relationships with people, and enjoyment at every step, I no longer need a large sum of money, a warehouse of various sports props, and a group of people who respectfully want to join me in adrenaline adventures. My SOMA took over their role, ability to feel the hair, body, and surroundings. Finally, I allow myself to admit that I am a woman and to appreciate, nurture and respect myself as a woman. I allow myself to radiate what I am, I look forward to the fact that the people around me can get to know me in a different, in the right light. It frees me to feel that I can learn and more successfully develop genuine, sincere, respectful relationships with people around me. More often, I allow and hope to show who I am. All of this is thanks to the AEQ method and Aleš Ernst.

Surprised and overjoyed, I feel the benefits of the AEQ method on my own skin every day. Human beings are capable of anything by strengthening the coordination of our mind and body with increasing self-awareness. The changes on the physical and psychological levels are difficult to describe in words, but the feelings that overwhelm a person with them are beneficial and magnificent. I offer them to every person, to anyone who wants to get to know them and can afford to get to know them, I am happy to dedicate myself as a teacher of somatic movements according to the AEQ method level 2 – from spring 2018 onwards.

Tadeja Logar

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