Uroš Petan, Teacher of AEQ method® Level 2

Opinion about the seminar on AEQ method Level 2 through the prism of knowledge gained at the Level 2

Seminar of the Level 2 is not just an upgrade of the Level 1. Besides the logical/expected upgrade of physical-motoric part of the method – learning new exercises to eliminate certain pains/illnesses – it introduces the participants with the most important connection between the conscious and involuntary parts of the mind, the membrane, emotions … These relationships are the critical missing links of the conventional medicine at many patient treatments.

Psychiatry is dealing only with the »head«, orthopaedics and physical therapy alone with the body, but the AEQ is treating both, and that’s why it successfully improves chronic illnesses, which are usually unsolved puzzles for psychiatry, orthopaedics and physiotherapy. AEQ method uses knowledge from many scientific fields; it validates them and links them into a logical/useful unity.

Seminar for the Level 2 gives us clear and logical explanations of the causes of individual pains/illnesses/physical limitations as well as instructions how to eliminate or at least alleviate these problems. There’s almost endless depth of knowledge and understanding of relations between the ability to sense the muscles and good intramuscular coordination, which also transfer to many other areas of person’s life in case of improvement (regular and quality performance of exercises).

Participants of the seminar learn about the importance of their engagement, which is essential for a good understanding of the method as well as their work as teachers of the AEQ method.

The seminar was excellently organized. Everything was at the top level like the method itself – hospitality, food and general atmosphere.

I believe that all the time, the energy, attention and money that I’ve invested into the AEQ education are an excellent investment. My personal life improved (feeling, health, relationships, efficiency, physical abilities…) and I’m also more successful at my work.


Uroš Petan, Teacher of AEQ method® Level 2

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