Petra Košmrlj, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 2

I finished the AEQ Teacher Level 1 training because I wanted to help and explore myself and did not think about applying for Level 2. The reason for that was not because I was not impressed by what I heard at Level 1, but because I was scared of the demands that were expected of me as a future Level 2 teacher; that I was supposed to set up a website, write articles, do live trainings, run workshops, etc. At the same time, the closer it was getting to the training the more I thought about it. During that time, I also attended the AEQ Breathing program, where I was hearing about the AEQ method every night and, through breathing, perceived more and more that this step was necessary, despite my fear or precisely because of it. I felt that my subconscious was protecting me from taking a new step, while the body on the other hand was craving the knowledge and new explorations. The dilemma lasted for quite some time, I didn’t immediately recognize which one was right, which one was telling me the truth. Then I signed up. As I was driving towards Brežice, a thought came through: “but are you sure this is okay”, and then I got lost and missed the beginning of training – but the moment I stepped into a room full of people staring at me, I knew I was in the right place. There was no more doubt, no fear, no embarrassment, and no guilt.

Aleš’s lectures were as interesting as ever – they never disappoint. We opened our wounds, listened to explanations, looked for causes and possible solutions, at times resisted, and tried to put things in the right place again. We were doing new exercises that opened new depths, going where we had not gone before, we experimented with leadership and reinforced our self-image and self-expression. It was intense and, in the end, too short. We wanted to hear so much more.

Most of all, I liked the energy and the connection between my classmates, which showed itself even more after the training. We created a group on Messenger, where we wrote to each other for a month, and then started running online trainings on Aleš’s initiative, which turned out to be a great experience. Regardless of which exercise is being led and by who, it’s always a time of versatility; we gain as teachers and as students. We’re certainly doing exercises more enthusiastically and more often than if we were doing it by ourselves. We exchange opinions, encourage each other and remain in daily contact with the AEQ method.

I gained a lot from Level 2 training. And there’s no doubt that I’m no longer just learning for myself, but to pass this knowledge on to others.

Petra Košmrlj, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 2

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