Tjaša Garin, Ljubljana, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 2

To anyone who has already come into contact with the AEQ method, whether through a workshop or active therapy and has felt a difference in the condition of their body after doing the AEQ exercises, I would recommend to attend the teacher seminar. If, after the first workshop and initial AEQ learning, you’ve struggled with resistance when wanting to exercise regularly, after Level 1 seminar this will no longer be an issue.

AEQ Teacher Level 1 seminar gives you an explanation of our chronic condition in society, an explanation of why this has occurred, an understanding of where this way and speed of life is taking us, and how such a condition is reflected in the individual and his body. The whole theory is based on three basic laws of physics (1st law of thermodynamics, 2nd law of thermodynamics, 3rd Newton’s law) through which you realize that our existence and our body state are defined by physics. If we do not take this fact into account, it leads us to extreme states toward which we feel great stigma, fear and resistance (death), due to the law of entropy (2nd law of thermodynamics).

At Level 1 seminar you learn 11 fundamental AEQ somatic exercises, which give you an excellent basis, both for exploring your own body and to learn about them through your clients’ bodies. With the time and the attention that you devote to your body through exercises, you recognize your own false patterns of action, as well as non-desired reactions to changes in your environment. This increases the awareness of your own body and your feelings, and therefore the power to influence it by changing your movement through your own estimation and speed. Over time, you develop a stronger sense of your own body and, consequently, a stronger sense of your life and start making the right decisions based on more realistic feelings that you get from your body. The more you live in contact with your body (and yourself), the more your body gives back to you with gratitude – fewer inflammations, fewer headaches, fewer kilograms, less chronic pain in general and less negative consequences from living your life the wrong way…

Level 2 seminar is a logical follow-up, after you have identified how you live (in illusion, or depression) through Level 1, and have already changed attitudes towards your own body through exercises and gradually started to change your lifestyle, after a year of intense research of your somatic feelings, through your own personal experience, after understanding theory through weekly written textbook summaries, and after visibly changing your every day. At Level 2 you get a new, more profound explanation of the causes of chronic conditions in the body (the influence of unexpressed and suppressed emotions on the body, the influence of early childhood, the impact of interpersonal relationships that are passed down from generation to generation, etc.).

At Level 2 seminar you learn 12 upgraded exercises that give you the basis for an even more profound exploration of your own body, and an understanding of the impact of your own past on the state you are in now. Each exercise gives you an insight into the principle of reality, and gives you a clearer sense of what is right and not just what is “good” (the words right and good refer to Vesna Vuk Godina’s vocabulary and her definition of functionally non-adult humans).

Stop. Notice. How are you?

If you are able to notice it, then feel it. What do you feel? Pain, inflammation, perhaps a disease or a relaxed, healthy body?

The more often you allow yourself to do this, the easier it will be for you to answer why you are the way you are. Where are you or where has your way of life brought you so far? Who have you become during this time? Where is this path taking you? What can you do, and change? And when will that be? Now.

All we see around us is physics. It is the most fundamental part of science and probably the oldest science in nature (source Wikipedia). Everything we see around us is determined by the laws of physics. Why is a house standing? Why does the sun shine? Why is the river flowing? The real universe starts within us.

Tjaša Garin, Ljubljana, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 2

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