Uroš Petan, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I have been feeling »weak« ever since the first part of the seminar, which was 3 days ago. My muscles are somewhat painful as they are finally relaxed and elongated for the first time in years. My energy level is up to approximately 65 % now. I have got unusual diarrhea, I am having dreams with some serious content – issues from the past I have never dealt with, I need more sleep, etc. In a nutshell, AEQ Clinical Somatics works on many levels. This is excellent for the long-term, but a bit disruptive for the short-term; it is just like any other work you do on yourself that works.

It’s interesting how, by doing the AEQ CS, we deal with most of our issues, caught in the fascia, completely subconsciously. I will be using the AEQ CS as a tool for people who are skeptical about esoterics and energy healing.

AEQ CS is truly a bridge between the rational and the energy approach to solving people’s problems. However, it can also be an independent top tool or an addition to other activities.

I’m getting a better sense and understanding of the proper execution of the exercises and of guiding clients at the somatic exercises; moreover, I’m also becoming more and more aware of the complexity and versatility of the AEQ Clinical Somatics.

I’m teaching a few exercises every day, as a finish to our clients’ exercise routines or as individual therapies, and in 95 % I’m getting extremely positive feedback and results. The only exceptions are the »strong characters« who either have a hard time believing in the efficiency of such activity or simply lack the patience to learn it.

I’m entirely and very satisfied with this seminar and I sincerely recommend it. However, I would like to point out that the method is far more effective if it’s taught by a teacher with as much knowledge about the functional anatomy, the basics of sports training, physiotherapy, and psychology as possible. Teachers with the »capacity« will make people happy on every level of their being with the AEQ Clinical Somatics, and not just work on eliminating the sensory-motor amnesia on a muscular level, even though that by itself is a lot.

Uroš Petan, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1

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