Simona Lesar, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

Each of us has enough of everything in his life. Some have more experience, others a little less. We all have knowledge in different fields, whether from book learning or from experiences. My experiences filled me with lots of information and I’m truly grateful that they’ve brought me on a path where people stop and ask about life itself.

Every work requires almost a perfect person, which is understandable. But can we be perfect? A perfect person? Perfect structure? Perfect state?

Something pinched me in my hip at my work where I was supposed to be fit. As it turned out it wasn’t that bad, but it was enough for me to understand that something wasn’t right. While asking myself what was wrong with my body, I also wasn’t motivated to continue with sports. Neither with roller skating, nor dancing, which I adored, not to mention other areas of my life.

Where did I go wrong?

I had just enough will to live and I gradually stepped on a path of research, went inside my depth, and came across the Karmic diagnostics (Marjan Ogorevc), which gave me an additional motivation to stay on the right path. Aspects of human beings and their meanings gave me an even clearer picture of where I was and why was I there. This way I extended my knowledge on possible causes for problems in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual areas of a man, and got useful holistic references on how to face them, and how to accept and harmonize everything. It wasn’t always easy to follow that path, sometimes it was exhausting. But it was worth it.

So, what now?

I enrolled in to program for the teachers of AEQ clinical somatics because the pressure won; pressure from my surroundings, my job, and my own thoughts that I need to get faster to the finish line to be »perfect, successful«. It gave me another image and viewpoint of a human being and his functioning. Our teacher Aleš Ernst has given me a path on how to get results in all areas in a syntrophic way, despite all that you already have in your life.

We can change our muscles’ memory by the ease of movement.

That’s how I learned which parts of my body had sensory motor amnesia. I now combine various aspects of my knowledge and my skills, I continue to learn and I’m not striving for perfection and success at any cost anymore. I’m living by being aware of myself. ORDER is being established everywhere.

My mind was resisting and is still resisting because my focus had always been elsewhere, away from me, however, the results are instant despite the resistance. I’m wondering what will happen when the fear of the path disappears when my mind and will become even more coordinated about me deserving of what lies ahead of me on this path. The knowledge I’ve been getting in a constructive manner from my teacher of the AEQ Somatics has been buying me time and potential for faster rehabilitation of my body, emotions, mind, and a sense of a woman’s essence to be active anywhere.

Thank you to all my teachers and supporters during my education to become a teacher of the AEQ somatic movement and other programs. Now it’s up to my to start exploring again, with ease and lots of feeling, like a child but in a much larger sandbox this time. Who would have thought that I would be so eager to learn and act so responsibly towards myself and consequently others? It was the other way around before and that was a bottomless pit.

Exploring myself and my surroundings like a child invigorates me. One should not live like a robot and die without experience. A person should get to know himself till the last cell, be aware of who he is and how he operates. We each have our own beginning; for me, it’s a cell. We add the strongest cell to the structure and hence heal the entire system. The most beautiful and interesting thing of all is that exploration never ends despite perpetual changes.
We move forward with TANGIBLE awareness, despite technological, world changes. It’s happening with or without us. Let’s all be a part of this game now and with joy.

Simona Lesar, Brežice, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1

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