Matjaž Zupan, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I had constant pain in my neck and lower back, constant problems with getting out of a car, turning my body sideways, and problems regenerating after physical activity (running or bicycle). My muscles were tense for days after the activity. I was trying to solve my problems alone, or I visited different physiotherapists. That helped a lot.

However, problems kept returning, sometimes soon after, that depended on my physical activities and psychological pressures. I wanted something to help myself, especially at times when there would be no option to seek help from others. I started doing the AEQ exercises and I improved my regeneration significantly; my muscles became light and relaxed. My whole body was becoming relaxed and lighter, also my condition got better.
Exercises seemed strange to me at first as I wasn’t used to doing something in such a gentle manner. On the other hand, I discovered how hard it was to do a simple move fluently, relaxed, and with control. I also calmed my thoughts by focusing on movement.

There were lots of thoughts racing through my head many times. I’ve learned through AEQ that I can calm my thoughts, focus them and relax. My thinking process is more effective and successful, and so are the words I speak. They go deeper now and reach their purpose more easily, even though they are the same as before, however they are mediated with a different aim, tone, and belief.

Seminar gave me a clear insight into why all the problems happened; I discovered the causes of many problems and diseases. Aleš gave logical explanations on many questions about physical and psychological problems in sports and life in general. Relations between problems and their causes became clearer. I learned about the importance of clear communication through exercises. Exercises were done incorrectly without clear instructions and that’s why peace and clearness of thought are essential for giving information.

It was a comprehensive seminar, and pleasant at the same time because of all the topics and material based on practical matters.

The most important lesson for me has been the awareness of psychological and physical pressures and how to amend them as they appear; I sense the tension in my neck, and I link it to the cause. Problems reoccur, of course, but I’m aware of them and try to eliminate them completely with the exercises. It’s a process that needs to be monitored and improved. Just like a technique in every sport that one can never completely learn as there are always open options and needs for better and more efficient movement.

Matjaž Zupan, Kranj, teacher of the AEQ method® Level 1

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