Lana Bauman, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

Since finishing my AEQ teacher training, my life has turned upside down. I began to look at life differently – through the eyes of causes and consequences of physical laws and the violation or consideration of them.

I now realize that coincidences do not exist, that any “accident, happiness or unhappiness” depends on our inner state, our beliefs, our understanding, our actions and our movement. The knowledge I gained at the seminar enabled me to have a more realistic understanding of myself and other people, the perception of situations, the state of the body and well-being and, in general, it changed my view on life.

I can’t say that these discoveries are simple, I can honestly imagine how much simpler life would be if I wasn’t aware of the harsh reality. On the other hand, I am now a lot more emotionally stable and reasonable, I take responsibility for my actions and I am less dramatic. At the same time, I am more optimistic, because I am aware that anything that I do today will have consequences in the future.

I understand much more where life is taking me and I trust it, because I trust myself and my actions.

It is easier for me to accept the harder sides of life, because now I can at least understand why I’m experiencing them, where they come from, and for the first time in my life, I know at least roughly in which direction I need to go to make my future brighter, lighter and more efficient.

In recent months I’ve gone through a rollercoaster of emotions, feelings, reactions, insights. It was hard and felt like torture. I felt like my heart was breaking, like someone was ripping it out of my chest. On the other hand, I’ve realized that I have the power to change my actions and at least reduce the amount of such feelings in the future. I can understand why I feel what I feel, why my body is contracted and what I want to change. I understand why it hurts so much.

Knowing the laws of physics, laws that have effect on everything that exists at all times, makes it easier for me to accept responsibility for my past actions. Although it is not easy, I accept the consequences of breaking the laws of physics, and I believe that, because of the knowledge I have acquired at the seminar, this time I am not trying to escape the “punishments” but try to go through them with dignity – to stay in the principle of reality – because I am aware that no one can bypass the laws of physics. This makes going through difficult moments a little easier. I can understand why they are here and which way I have to go to not have as many in the future. This gives me motivation and a sense of power over the creation of my destiny.

I am finally realizing that I can eliminate the traumas of my past that I inherited from my ancestors and stop feeling like a prisoner of my own body and life. It feels easier for me to understand other people, their actions, their reactions. It feels easier for me to accept them, but at the same time they have less of an impact on me. I don’t take things personally. I feel like I’m really standing on my feet, independent and stable regardless of all the instability in the world around me and the events that I am part of.

I feel that I am slowly, gradually, bit by bit liberating myself from the armors of my past, the armors of my ancestors and the suppressed emotions and traumas. I am learning to live my life, to breathe fully, and fly freely into the world that I am creating as I go.

I am truly grateful for all the knowledge, for Aleš and for the “classmates” with whom we are in contact almost every day, talking, thinking and supporting each other. The AEQ community feels like a cult struggling to raise the quality of human life.

Lana Bauman, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

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