Katja Črne, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

I found the AEQ method while being on the path of self-inquiry, researching the functioning of my body and looking for a connection between the body and the mind to find something that would give me the answers that I could not get from traditional methods. Unlike other trainings I have attended in the past, AEQ has given me that missing puzzle in understanding my body as a whole. We are not only a physical body, a big part of us are our thoughts, emotions and our actions which define us.

I was looking forward to the training because, based on the workshop and active therapies that I’ve done, I was able to feel the effect of the AEQ method and I just knew I had to follow it. I came with no expectations and no idea of how it will go. I left enthusiastic and with a head full of new information and knowledge, which I can’t wait to pass on to others.

Through the AEQ exercises, I was given a whole new perspective on human activity which expanded my perspective on the therapeutic approach. I’m starting to feel my body again, and I find it easier to listen to what it tells me. I am becoming calmer and it feels easier for me to take the time to rest. My movement after exercising is more lighthearted and pleasant. I act differently, my responses to people and stressful situations are slowly changing. It feels easier to set boundaries and to stand up for myself.

I am glad that I have chosen this path of self-inquiry and I believe that this is the beginning of something extraordinary. Thank you, Aleš, for all your knowledge and for an excellent execution of the seminar, and thank you to the classmates who made this experience unique, all of them gave a special mark to the experience.

Katja Črne, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

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