Jure Koščak, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

After finishing my third AEQ program, I decided to attend the AEQ Teacher Level 1 seminar as well. I felt it was time for an additional upgrade of knowledge and AEQ experience. Every program that I’ve attended has increased my ability for better recognition, connection, understanding and, above all, how to do relationships. I gained a lot of information and began to learn more about the AEQ world and emotional maturity. Countless answers were given for the lower and upper body, and for breathing. These answers guided me and reconnected me with the knowledge I already had from before – but this time from a higher dimension, because the perception of my own past has genuinely started changing this time.

Every program includes the topics that are given at the teacher seminar, but they are only pieces of a more powerful whole. That’s why, from the first program onward, something was pulling me toward the teacher seminar. There was an awareness that I need to deepen the understanding of myself and get myself into order – but I gave myself time. Probably for the first time in my life, I didn’t rush into further commitment, into a new program, into a new step, which was definitely the result of the accomplished AEQ programs – I just allowed myself to feel, and was willing to accept to wait for the right moment.

The right moment came when Aleš announced the dates for the seminar. From the first moment of the seminar, all the pieces of the puzzle started arranging themselves into an orderly whole, into stability and inner strength. The fundamental knowledge of the subconscious, which is the driving force for everything that happens to us in life, has been presented to us through actual situations and experiences of all participants. Through this, we opened up, we connected and trusted each other more and more. We felt each other. Each was given their own portion of ego surgery and deep subconscious recognition. The old beliefs we operated on suddenly seemed to be very misguided, messy and helpless. With such clarity, Aleš was able to teach us how we operate and how to proceed in a new way, how to accept the process, and guide ourselves and others every day.

After the teacher seminar, new realizations and struggles with the subconscious are taking place daily. It is very persistent and requires a special, soft approach. With AEQ exercises – which I do myself and also guide others to do – I can face myself in the most effective way when the change of subconscious becomes permanent. This is no longer a mindless run -around or making quick changes from a book or a magazine. It is no longer a desire and rush into some new fashionable version of something that is currently popular on YouTube and around the world. The changes resulting from doing and guiding AEQ exercises are profound, broad, permanent and above all appropriately slow – so that the subconscious does not consider them as an attack or a rigorous intrusion into its survival programs.

The AEQ way is the way that I was looking for and felt I needed in my life. For more than 25 years, I have been working on self-development and working on changing my inner world. As a professional athlete, I was constantly under pressure, to achieve results, and compared myself to others. I studied sports and kept trying new approaches of psychology on myself. I attended many different programs, educations, seminars, techniques and methods. I learned different approaches that allowed me to learn about myself and my life in general, in London, in Ljubljana and a lot online as well. As a result, I have chosen as my life’s mission to share all this knowledge and wisdom which I lived by. I’ve passed it on to more than 5,000 people for at least an hour or more at a time, and have also helped reprogram, for over a year almost every day, the subconscious for thousands of others as well. At the same time, I always felt that something was missing – a part that would make the changes even more permanent.

And so came AEQ, this earthy and physical approach that filled this crucial gap. The structure, the procedure and the purpose of changes is now much clearer and specific. Now I indirectly touch the subconscious through AEQ exercises with myself and the people who trust me to lead them – the step toward change and the change itself is now concrete, mighty and permanent, and the basis for of all this is: emotional maturity, inner strength, wisdom, clarity, order and balance.

Thank you AEQ and Aleš.

Jure Koščak, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

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