Ivana Buble, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

When I think about AEQ my thoughts always wander back to the beginning when I was just beginning to get to know AEQ, which was 7 years ago, but somehow, I feel like I am still a beginner. My AEQ journey started in 2014. I am getting to know this journey slowly and gradually, with small steps, I am traveling deeper and deeper into my own internal universe, and also understanding the outside universe around me more and more each day.

With each therapy, with every repeated exercise, with every reflection of myself, with every perception of my surroundings, a conscious and controlled response to my situations and with all my daily changes, I feel that I am making progress and that I am living my life a lot more consciously thanks to the AEQ method.

The seminar for AEQ Teacher Level 1 brought me even deeper into understanding AEQ. I looked much deeper into myself while it also gave me a higher level of control over my life. I realized how strong my influence on reactions in relationships is and I was able to answer some key questions that I could not link to AEQ before the seminar. During the seminar, I found answers and a way. The effect on my relationships was immediate, I could sense the changes and just in a few months a lot changed for the better.

In the second part of the seminar, I deepened my knowledge of the exercises. Over the years, I’ve been studying and executing the exercises, but now I am finding that I have been doing them too superficially and not often enough. At the seminar, I deepened into the execution of the exercises, because only with good knowledge of the steps of the exercise can we pass on the instructions to our students.

At the seminar, I learned the needed phrases and improved my articulation for the instructions for the exercises.

After the seminar, I feel more effective in managing the 24 hours in my day and planning my steps to achieve my goals.

Although I have been on the AEQ journey for a long time, I only now, after completing the seminar, feel like I truly know and understand AEQ. My perception is much clearer.

I am involved with AEQ first and foremost in order to improve my own balance and sense of happiness, and as a result I want to transfer this happiness – the acquired knowledge – to a wider circle.

We all deserve to live consciously and be happy.

Ivana Buble, Teacher of AEQ Method® Level 1

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